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I still say that this is a smallish, juvenile elephant…

Allow me to make my point…  African Elephant, below:


Unless this is an Indian (Asian) Elephant… which appears to be slightly smaller:

main-qimg-61d4b244f59a8a3a4e0331c7d24e0a4c-c (1)

But with its “Africa shaped ears” and single dome head it appears to be an African Elephant.


But really?  I have already invested 30 minutes of my life I will never get back on this foolishness…  but oh well, helps me get my brain working in the morning…

Mark appears to be making a “move…” let’s see whether he’s able to avoid a goring!

One thought on “I still say that this is a smallish, juvenile elephant…

  1. Hmmm. I suspect that the dosage required to tranquilize an elephant is . . . elephantine. Who keeps that quantity of tranquilizer handy in their tent in the environs of Lost Forest, where the biggest mammal one might expect to encounter is a bear or a moose (even acknowledging the weird misplacement of fauna one finds in this cartoon Georgia)?

    And did I miss something about a zoo? I’m still stuck on the narrative of a circus train complete with both monkeys and clowns in costume, to say nothing of ostriches, rhinos, tigers and elephants whose cages or restraints all conveniently burst open in a derailment without injuring or trapping the inhabitants in the wreckage.

    I suppose it must be cynical day for me, as I can’t seem to get into the spirit of marvel at the remarkable goings-on in the Trailverse today.

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