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Mark Trail channeling Jim Fowler…

Remember Ol’ Jim Fowler?  Marlin Perkins’ man on the ground?  He was never afraid to “go in” and take care of what needed to be done…  And it would appear that he is still kickin’ it at 85…


Of course Mark will be perpetually 36 years old…  Young enough to make these moves, but mature enough to know a few tricks… One of which is to scoot under the belly of the beast and thereby avoid getting gored or stomped…

Even though I have taken issue with the size of the elephant, the drawings of said pachyderm have been first rate!  Let’s wait ’til tomorrow to see if Mark draws down at point blank range!

One thought on “Mark Trail channeling Jim Fowler…

  1. Like you kind of said, Dennis, there is a problem of scale here. Or it is a teen-age elephant, at best. Now, why does Mark feel as if HE has to get the tranq gun? Isn’t it enough that he is creating a diversion for the others? So where are the Game Warden and crew, anyway? Are they making side bets on whether Trail gets to the supplies in time (hope they weren’t in the truck)? This looks like those action movies where everybody suddenly gets slow and stupid so that the Hero can make his Big Move look more dramatic.

    Still, it looks to me as if Mark is already past the tusks and almost on the side of the elephant. Allen should have drawn the trunk in front of Mark to at least suggest a more dramatic relationship.

    Finally, why would Mark feel the need to run under the pachaderm when he is not really in front of it?! Maybe because this “Mark Trail” and it’s time for another Macho Mark Moment. I think it’s in his contract.

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