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Incongruity, thy Name is Trail…

Let’s start out with the fact that Cherry is driving an Escalade.  Really?  Let’s say they buy pre-owned… a 2017 will run you 85 grand…  No to mention the 22 inch wheels with the extremely low profile tires (30’s?) makes no sense anywhere other than Southern California…  Where the hell would a freelance writer and a stay at home mom come up with that kind scratch, even if they had nothing in the way of living expenses?  Sort of reminds me of the people on “Storage Wars…”  They make more money “starring” in the show and gathering in endorsements than they ever would picking through the remains of abandoned storage lockers…  hence the reason they all drive brand-new vehicles…


Now let’s focus on Cherry’s impossibly thin waist…  Who is she?  Barbie?  Wearing a corset?  In panel two said corset has her doubled over in pain as she makes her way toward her smiling husband.

Ha, ha!  I get it! another Clown Car Reference!  Except that the clowns we were aware of were staggering around all zombie-like with their back-sides peppered with rock-salt!

And what’s with the continued “Mr. Trail?”  Not a single, “Please, call me Mark…”  What a pompous ass!

One thought on “Incongruity, thy Name is Trail…

  1. Not to mention an Escalade’s negative impact on the environment (which Trail is supposedly concerned about.) My head nearly exploded when I saw this one! . Usually we read it to laugh and make fun of it, but this one just infuriated me. P.S I hate clowns.

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