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Oh, OK… Now we are ALL in on the little joke!

And I do mean little…  Ha!  I get it!  The clowns are a bunch of lushes and can’t be trusted!!


But really, where do we go from here?  Where’s Dirty Dyer?  With that little plot element left hanging, it’s the only thing we have to look to for any excitement…

2 thoughts on “Oh, OK… Now we are ALL in on the little joke!

  1. And what lesson might that be, I wonder? After all, the clowns were probably just having an innocent wake over the end of the circus and their careers when the train crashed…at no fault of theirs, Mr. High-and-Mighty-Mark Trail!

    I suppose it is normal for SOME people to indulge in stereotype-based humor; and clowns are a favored target. But The Sheriff seems to be really stretching for his own knee-slapper, unless “the town” is just a half mile away from where they are now. And that doesn’t say much for the supposed seclusion and tranquility of Lost Forest, does it? “Lost” you say? It’s more like Gilligan’s Island, the supposed uncharted island, where everybody not bound to a wheel-chair found their way there for a 3 day visit before moving on and leaving the castaways to their syndicated fate.

  2. Okay, the day before, Cherry drives up in the fancy SUV. Today, she is nowhere to be seen in this Camaraderie of “Real Men”, based on the silhouettes in panel 3.

    Perhaps she was sent down to the creek to get some water to boil coffee over the camp fire?

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