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Smitten Rusty

One of the problems (opportunities?) with the comics form is the lack of sound…  But then it’s fun to think about what the characters sound like…  to wit, let’s imagine the voice of our teenage (tween?) characters below…


We all know that girls mature faster than boys, and in fact the male’s brain doesn’t fully form until well into his twenties… Where the female form and brain are fully operational in Junior High school.  OK, that total hearsay and I sort of made that up, but it’s mentioned so often it has to be true!  So back to the soundtrack- I hear Mara’s voice all smooth and silky, while Rusty sounds like his name- an oxidized old gate hinge exposed to the weather for decades… not even sure whether it works or not…

And of course you are going to Mexico, you little twit- that’s where the plane is going!!

Judging by the look on Rusty’s face, he’s either 1. Playing is totally cool, or 2. feeling the effects of the Benadryl and Dramamine that Cherry slipped him prior to boarding the plane…

2 thoughts on “Smitten Rusty

  1. The tween troll from Lost Forest is having a strong, unfamiliar reaction to the first cute girl he has ever seen. Will Mark leave it to Cherry to explain?

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