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What? No tearful goodbyes?

No further chatter about maybe hooking up later?  Poor Rusty…  Here I thought he’d be the youngest member of the Mile-High Club…


The expressions on Mark & Cherry’s faces are curious- almost dreadful… expecting the worst?  Rusty continues to comment of relative size and congestion of airports…  While Mark continues to call out the obvious…  But Mark, isn’t there luggage to pick up?  Or are you going to spend the week in your faded-red, now-pink chamois cloth shirt?

2 thoughts on “What? No tearful goodbyes?

  1. I approve of Rusty’s airport fascination; it’s a niche interest, but he’s not the only!!

    I’m no longer going to Cancun so I will be unable to report on the goings-on of Mark and the gang.

  2. Cancun has been in the news lately for numerous crimes infringing into the once-off limits tourist resort and surrounding area. I think we can expect to find some trouble coming up, even before Dirty makes his appearance. And an archaeological site also makes a prime location for crime!

    Well, I expect the young girl to make the next move; perhaps she sees Rusty kind of like a lost puppy or younger brother that she can play with. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a rescue adventure at some point!

    I bet I know why M & C have such sour pusses: They must have assumed there would be somebody to pick them up; perhaps their archaeologist friend or assistant.

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