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Do tides make sounds?

Never daunted, or missing an opportunity to waggle his finger at someone, Mark lets Mr. Grumpy (off camera) know that he needn’t worry… that he’s an expert in matters pertaining to wildlife…


But what’s up with the lady in panel three?  Is this the angry panel?  She was just crying 30 seconds ago… Is she mad that Cherry’s swimsuit is from the same dye lot as hers?

But I repeat… can one hear the tide coming in?  And if tides are hours apart, wouldn’t that whale be suffocated under its own weight by now?  And I am sure that it didn’t occur to any of the other humans, before the Trails showed up, that they might work together to get the whale back in the ocean…  where it will probably lose its way again and get itself beached outside of the prying eyes and meddling hands of random (really) white folks on vacation…

2 thoughts on “Do tides make sounds?

  1. Another natural mystery here: Tides in the Yucatan are quite small in amplitude – I believe typically less than a foot difference between low and high tides. This ain’t the Bay of Fundy.
    So how the hell did this whale get high and dry, completely out of the water?

  2. What – do they (i.e. James Allen) think that tides just suddenly rise? It normally takes some 6 hours for a tide to go out or come in. As for “hearing” a tide, it is possible, as waves break depending on the depth of the water and distance from shore, but very difficult. Low tide will obviously find the water further out, as are the breakers. And the reverse. But in real time, it would probably not be very noticeable except at its extremes. But you could probably tell more quickly by looking at the waves, themselves. I grew up on the coast and spent a fair time on the beach. It was generally easy to tell one way or the other by the wetness of the sand compared to where the water reached after several waves.

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