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I guess they packed only swim trunks…

Considering that Mark and Cherry are wearing the same shirt/top that they traveled in, one has to wonder whether they have multiple instances of the same ensemble, or if they truly didn’t think to pack any other clothes?  Not to mention that the resort has no air conditioning, Mark’s gotta be sweltering in that long-sleeve, chamois-cloth number!  And after the 90 minute cab ride (also probably without air conditioning) it’s bound to be a little ripe…


So… we meet Archaeologist and Assistant (A little May-December going on there??) as well as Mara’s mother (Father apparently in the loo or simply off Camera- maybe filming?)  We know it’s Mara’s mother since the hair color is a match… She recalls going gray at an early age too… and refuses to color it!

A second look at Assistant Becky suggests that there might be a relation to Kelly Welly, the erstwhile siren of Trail’s-past who wanted only to gain Mark’s respect by scooping him on a story, all the while placing Mark in compromising situations vis-a-vis Cherry…

Mark_Trail 12-13-10


2 thoughts on “I guess they packed only swim trunks…

  1. The archaeologist looks like the hairy, agro guy who dared question Mark’s whale identification credentials.

    Cherry, Mara grabbed the room’s welcome bottle of tequila, so Rusty will get his first trip to first base when worldly Mara hits him with a pitch. “Let’s try kissing like mommies and daddies.”

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