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Scooped again!

Oh.  My.  Goodness…  How could I have missed this one!?  I mean, this is right in my wheelhouse!  Unless of course I was too… ahem… into the movie when I saw it in high school!!


And for whatever reason, there seems to be a conspiracy among internet providers of the colored version of the strip!  So Trail Noir it is!!

Rusty’s friend Mara… Hmmmm… Now that we know what Mr. Allen is referencing here I think Rusty is quite in over his head!!

Joe would appear to be Anglo… an expat of some kind, running from the law and laying low driving Touristas to Ancient Ruins!!  He seems harmless enough…

2 thoughts on “Scooped again!

  1. Yes, great catch, Daniel! We can see where HIS head has been. And props to Allen, as well, for daring to be inject more hipness into the strip.

    But Joe looks like too big a Square to be a dangerous man on the run. He looks more like the farmer in Grant Wood’s “American Gothic”.

  2. Thanks George. UC Berkeley provided broad exposure to arts and culture.

    Credit to James Allen for hiding a few Easter eggs for us. I can endure weeks of insipid for a few moments of clever and style.

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