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Right! His name is Joe!

Been losing your hair long, Joe?  Ever have a movie projected on your forehead, Joe?


Nice tree frog!  It’s rare forMark Trail (the strip) to show fauna in the foreground these days.  That was a must back in the Dodd/Elrod era…


If I’m not mistaken, we have yet to meet Professor Carter or learn his first name… but remember, Mark has “known” him for 30 years…”  Since Mark was a tad, apparently…  Which would put the good doctor in his 50’s or 60’s… that is unless they were childhood friends?  Hmmm….

One thought on “Right! His name is Joe!

  1. Based on the seating, Mara and Rusti-O (his hip-hop name) must be stuck in the back. There’s a chance these two teens are taking advantage of the isolated opportunity to get to know each other a bit better…within the limits of a family-oriented comic strip, of course.

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