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Proud of his van, he is…

OK, Joe, you are probably starting to over-share a bit… You are now answering questions that no one has asked.


But meanwhile inside the sumptuous ride…


Haven’t you been paying attention, Rusty?  Don’t you realize that you are going to see ruins now?  Or perhaps you can’t equate the phrase “temple in the jungle” with “ruins…”

Now that face in panel three is a new one… Not the usual sleepy, dopey manner we are accustomed to in panel one…

2 thoughts on “Proud of his van, he is…

  1. Joe is talking about the springy mattress and jar of doobies in the back, things worldly Mara has noticed that hayseed Rusty will never appreciate. He is going to look back 15 years from now and be dumbstruck by his missed opportunity.

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