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Dr. Carter, I presume?

Oh, Joe…


Always ready for a siesta!!  I guess creepy temples just aren’t your thing, huh??


Careful Mark, don’t touch the merch!!  And careful not to get a whiplash!  As Dr. Carter emerges from the mist? Some random backdrop that makes room only for his pithy comment? We see that he is bedecked in safari gear right out of colonial history… Khakis and a pith helmet!  Now that’s authentic!  And at first glance, it would now seem that he and Mark were childhood friends, if in fact Mark has “known him for 30 years…”


2 thoughts on “Dr. Carter, I presume?

  1. “Are you not coming with us, Mister Joe?” queries Rusty in his apparently ‘English as a Second Language’ patois. No wonder Mara—once again lurking over Rusty’s shoulder—wears an expression that borders on haplessness. Even if Rusty had a clue, his chances of making time with Mara keep shrinking and shrinking; especially if he is going to cry because some old fart in a truck wants to keep to himself.

  2. I’m feeling energized, so here are two more snarky comments:
    1. I’m thinking that Allen’s son or the strip’s letterer drew Dr. Carter.
    2. Is Carter walking or dipping? Looks like both legs are locked together, as if they are tied at the ankle.

    okay, I’ll stop. Promise.

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