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Yea… Settle down, Rusty.

Haven’t we talked about this in the past?  You have to pretend that you are allowed out of the Lost Forest Compound every now and then…  You can’t look all wild-eyed at every last thing you see.  Besides, slipping in a little blase and ennui for Mara’s benefit will only up your cred, young man…


Well, at least we are finally here, you know?  That took a while.  Longer than the ride from the airport to the resort…  Nice mask on the temple!


One thought on “Yea… Settle down, Rusty.

  1. The strip that was to appear after this one was pulled by the Syndicate censors. I happened to be shown that strip’s dialog, so I thought I’d share it with everybody. It’s an interesting exposure to the Mark-Rusty relationship. The strip begins with Rusty replying to Mark’s retort:

    “Settle down? But Dad, look at that temple! And that big mask! Never saw anything like THAT in Lost Forest, for sure!”

    “Rusty…how many times have we had The Talk?”

    “You mean about the birds and the bees, Dad? Pretty sure we didn’t.” (Mara rolls her eyes and sighs)

    “No, Rusty! I mean about showing emotion! It’s not the Trail Way! Now, just because this appears to be an unknown temple that looks like it was covered in a really bad shag carpet and probably has a thousand venomous snakes, spiders, and scorpions in it, you need to keep a calm demeanor and just say something like ‘that’s interesting’ or ‘fascinating’!”

    “Like Vulcans, you mean! So how come all of our dialog always ends with an exclamation point!?”

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