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Yea… Nice try, Mark…

Leave it to the experts, please… I am sure your conjectures will be front and center when you write your “article,” but for now, please leave the learned stuff for those who are actually learned.


Rusty is riveted to every word coming from Dr. Carter.  But Dr. Carter, do you mean the local diggers like “Bill” and “Ted?”

Dark Rituals?  Virgin Sacrifice??  Please, do go on in GREAT detail…

3 thoughts on “Yea… Nice try, Mark…

    • Maybe this is where Dirty makes his dirty appearance….!? He snatches the two kids while Mark is in the temple. This implies that Dr. Carter and his so-called “local” diggers are actually part of Dirty’s gang. A deep plot, indeed!

      Well, maybe not. Dirty would have to go to great lengths to figure out that Mark and Family are on a vacation in the Yucutan Penninsula.

      So if there is no complex, nefarious plot behind the offer to only allow Mark to enter the temple, that would make Dr. Carter just a patronizing dick. If that is the case, will Mark stand up for the kids and decline the offer or will he leave the kids outside, clueless about the dangers always present in a Central American jungle?

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