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Passion / Obsession…

Tomato / Tomahto…


Who is this Dr. Carter, anyway?  Where did he get his Advanced Degrees?  His attitude and technique are both suspect… along with this story line.  I mean, where is this going?  I don’t find much tension in listening to a Peevish Professor!

3 thoughts on “Passion / Obsession…

  1. It appears Hasbro owes the Maya’s some back royalties as the relic looks like Mr. potato head on acid.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. This “archaeology” setup is a joke, unless they are actually tomb robbers. Certainly J. Allen cannot be that ignorant of modern archaeological practice.

    Well, a lot of water flows under the bridge after 30 years, Markie Boy. People can change; and I would not be surprised if we heard from Dirty Dyer pretty soon.

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