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Nice Smirk…

I think this might be a new look for Mark!  What’s he implying, I wonder?  I am sure that “Professor” Carter hired Becky simply because she was the most qualified candidate… it certainly couldn’t have been her movie star looks!!


So, hide your disappointment Mark, she’ll turn up sooner or later…  with any luck, you’ll get trapped in the temple with her, alone, where you can (again) proudly proclaim your “happily married” status… Just like in the Cave Odyssey a few years back…

2 thoughts on “Nice Smirk…

  1. After spending weeks in the jungle with Dr. “Small Hands” Carter, Becky is scheming to get lost in the temple with Mara.

  2. “She’s around here somewhere…” Exactly how BIG is this so-called archaeological site, anyway!? The chief archaeologist should always know where all of the workers are at any time.

    Scorpions on the loose! Snakes, too, as we have seen. Did somebody tell the kids to be sure to wear high-top boots?

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