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Well, that’s one theory…

I certainly hope they are whispering…  Hard to tell…


But leave it to Mara to thread all the pieces together…


But where does Becky “make” the three- dimensional copies?  Does she have a secret 3D printer in another trailer??  Or perhaps she’s selling the copies and passing them off as real…  That way she could sell the same fake over and over again…

One thought on “Well, that’s one theory…

  1. Well! At long last the excitement in this story line is picking up. You can now cut the tension in the sultry tropical air with a machete.

    But my easily distracted mind is caught wondering what’s up with Rusty’s bent elfin ear in the first and last panels of the initial strip above. The top of his left ear seems to be sticking out abnormally.

    And apart from the mysteries of high-tech jungle manufacturing logistics and how to play 3-D 3-card monte with native artifacts that you have posed, I wonder just how a hand-crafted mask (presumably of stone, clay, wood, leather, feathers, etc.) gets printed out in a polymer that in any manner that is not immediately detectable the moment it is handled rather than simply looked at?

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