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Lesson from the current story… never judge a book by its cover, or a sleeping man by his apparent ennui…


…and apparently there is a subspecies of Rattlesnake that is indigenous to the Yucatan…  the Crotalus simus tzabcan… above asking Mr. Rat if he wouldn’t be so kind as to check him for gum disease…


That’s right, Joe… because we saw something we were counting on and have bring to your attention!  Oh Rusty, trusting Rusty…  How can you possibly know who is and isn’t in on the caper at this point??  Better to bring this to Mark’s attention and let him start to meddle… which is a Natural State for him…

One thought on “Intervene?

  1. Gee, I go away for a month or so and find out that something did finally happen…sort of. So good ol’ Jose may be a ringleader in a smuggling gang, whose actions appear to be just above amateurish. And it continues to amuse me that, in spite of being in a tropical jungle, nobody appears to be sweating, nobody is exhausted from running about in the heat, and nobody is bothered by insects of all kind.
    But wait! What happened to Cherry? I realize that in Trail-Time, this long series of panels only takes up about half of a day, but that is plenty of time for Cherry to bother herself with tanning, or maybe getting waylaid by Prof. Carter’s wife.

    By the way, I’ve noticed similar silly dramatic hand gestures we see here also used often in “Rex Morgan, MD”. Well, perhaps one hand watches the other.

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