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I looked into his eyes…

…and saw his soul


I don’t know what creeps me out more…  the little dots of india ink that are Joe’s eyes, or the fact that none of the men in the Trailverse have any pigment in their lips…

But who is the guy that was watching them in the templefigure

About the same size as the creepy doll, I’d say… doll


3 thoughts on “I looked into his eyes…

  1. “Oh, Joe, were you here the entire time?”
    “Yes, why do you ask?”
    “Oh, no reason.”

    This is hardly compelling or clever interrogation; quite the opposite. It is the kind of hokey B-movie dialog guaranteed to alert the Bad Guys, as if they needed any more help figuring out the suspicions of this awkward Hardy Boy+Nancy Drew tag team.

    Mara (ie Allen) could have at least had a prepared response, such as “I thought I heard you calling us over at the temple.” Or did she expect Jose to just suddenly confess to being part of the apparent smuggling gang?

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