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The Final Option?

Hard to know who’s the bad guy here… everyone seems mighty suspicious!


So as Rusty and Mara go through the wall (down the rabbit hole??) Raul is stumped.


But he takes on a special glee at the notion of luring Mark Trail into the picture…  Now remember, gang, we have been lumber through the daily strip for months now, but it’s only been an hour or two since the kids left the dig site with Joe/Jose…  I mean Mark and Cherry wouldn’t even have had time to, uhmmm, well, you know… OK, Ick.  Sorry.

One thought on “The Final Option?

  1. I haven’t checked in for weeks – Jesus are we still on the same story line we were months ago?
    Can we all have a moment of silence for the death of the old Mark Trail comic we all once loved?

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