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Butter knives?

I guess I just don’t know all there is to know about gang/biker weaponry…


Are these the equivalent of Ninja throwing stars?  Does Raul plan to carve Rusty and Mara into little pieces?  It’s clear now (for the hot second) that Raul is no “friend” of Mark Trail… and that his facial hair and wardrobe choices are putting him into the “Bad Guy” bucket…

What an odd split-screen for the second and third panel…

2 thoughts on “Butter knives?

  1. This is too much. He was going to the rooftops to find the urchins who disappeared into a vagina looking opening on ground level. Then he was worried about rats which presumably are upper level critters, not the gutter variety.
    Trying to analyze the plot line is hopeless, that’s your job. And good job by the way, against overwhelming tribulation.
    Mine is to speculate on what and /or whom Mrs.Trail is doing. I suspect she is half naked, boozing her way through another day, neglected by her husband, ignoring her bastard child, and left to her own means of entertainment which usually leads to her screwing the first available Lothario.
    No wonder Doc always looks so sad.

  2. Maybe the good Doc looks sad because Cherry keeps turning him down…?

    But, in other news… I still think Motorcycle Dude is a good guy; just fed up with the two naive and hapless kids who keep running into trouble. And that second-third panel pairing, showing a split view of the Dude putting throwing knives into slots on both sides of his vest, displays a design sophistication we do not normally associate with Mr. Allen, or at least, the strip, itself. Mr. Allen even took the trouble to ensure that the vest contains 6 slots for the 6 knives stored under the Dude’s seat. Well done, James!

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