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Is Rusty Channeling The Donald?

Just look at the bugle-mouth in the first installment:



That has to be the most unflattering look on a human being, and I am sure we all make that face depending on what we are saying.  It’s funny that in today’s world, catching that is increasingly easy as cameras advance in their capabilities and there are literally thousands of pictures from which to choose…  But for James Allen to purposely draw this mug says what?  I honestly don’t know.


Why are we trusting Juanito the mule?  And I had forgotten that Rusty sacrificed his smart phone to the cause…  That only happened (probably) a month ago…


Oh, worry not your little head, Master Trail, Papa’s on his way and he’s being set up!!

One thought on “Is Rusty Channeling The Donald?

  1. “Just look at the bugle-mouth in the first installment…”

    And how about Rusty in the third installment, second panel, where he has this “Man of Mystery” (or maybe Zombie?) image appearing from some darkened archway. By the way, how did he get there and where did that archway come from? Assuming the continuity of the 3 installments and the very brief time it takes to run through their dialog, it couldn’t have been more than 30 seconds. Yet, he appears to have quickly entered and returned from this portal, without any reaction or mention by The Babe.

    Rusty’s apparent side-trip might have been more plausible if he were drawn going INTO the archway, rather than coming out of it. Finally, the “Man of Mystery” in panel two suddenly reverts to the standard worry-wart in panel three.

    And how is Rusty going to explain throwing away his smart phone in the backpack of a complete stranger? You think this will win Browny Points with Mark and Cherry? What’s $500 or so, anyway?!

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