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A Flying Bandito?

Sorry to be catching up just now campers, but these last couple of strips haven’t exactly inspired me…


Judging by the scale, and applying some perspective, it looks like Raul has cleared a 10-foot span on his way to tracking down the Brats and the Mule…  Trackers tracking trackers…


Meanwhile, back a the dig site…


Saved your life?  Really?  How?  By drooling and snoring?

But clearly Mark’s Spidey-sense is tingling… He knows something is not quite right!  Not to mention the Lizardy-thing in the foreground stealing dinosaur sized eggs!

2 thoughts on “A Flying Bandito?

  1. I’m just glad that Motorcycle Dude was able to grab those clouds to help him get across that very wide gap between the buildings!

    I still think he is one of the good guys, such as they are.

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