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That would explain your multiple chins…

But it doesn’t explain why people are living in the urban center of Santa Poco… But hey, ok, I’ll go with it…  I guess this would constitute a “high-rise” in the outer rim of the Central American region…


…and one thing we have learned is that a “good joke” in James Allen’s Trailverse takes a good week to tell.  So we will still be reveling in this moment tomorrow I am sure…

One thought on “That would explain your multiple chins…

  1. I dunno, this particular sequence leaves me baffled:
    1. Is Allen auditioning to take over the “Mary Worth” soap opera comic strip?
    2. Is Allen deliberately trying to be humorous?
    3. Is Raul becoming progressively more senseless from his fall? a) his second utterance more or less repeats his initial one; b) and his facial expression in the second panel takes on the kind of dopey look the Coyote gets after one of his traps to catch the road runner catches him, instead.

    The least Raul can do before he stumbles out of their apartment is to drop a few thousand pesos to pay for the dinner he destroyed.

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