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And the joke keeps on rolling…

George, you must be getting advance looks at the next day’s strip… Except it looks like he’s handing over U.S. Green… And he’s likely either CIA or a drug runner to have all that on his person.


Huh?  What?  Because you have a thing against doors and staircases?  This is just stupid.

One thought on “And the joke keeps on rolling…

  1. Naw, the first time I see this is either in the Strib or here. I don’t even look at the other online comic sites. That would spoil the fun.

    But, I agree with your analysis: Allen’s attempt to inject some B-Movie dialog and action here is gratuitous. Raul could AT LEAST open the window before he does a “Chuck Norris” jump two floors down to the street. Raul might even want to first look to see what is below the window! If this was a Jackie Chan movie, Raul would likely land directly in front of a cop on foot patrol.

    Who is Raul: CIA, FBI, Interpol, or Policía Federal Ministerial? Whatever, I think you are correct, Dennis.

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