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But you still have time for a chat?

As random overfed lady tries to peel back the layers of generational hurt that has led Raul to her cocina, I can only imagine she will begin to ply him with comestibles in an attempt to show him the love that he is missing…


But the more he talks, the colder the trail gets…

One thought on “But you still have time for a chat?

  1. Right on, Dennis! None of this makes sense:

    1. Raul is supposedly in such a hurry to keep up with the kids that he doesn’t have time to go down the stairs.
    2. Yet he is content to chat with the couple whose apartment he entered by falling through their skylight.
    3. Further, the gobsmacked couple seems comfortable engaging Raul in polite and concerned conversation, in spite of the fact that their dinner lies in ruins; window glass is scattered throughout the dining room, and Raul already announced his intention of jumping out of another one of their other windows.

    Maybe Raul finally realized the futility of his pursuit strategy and has abandoned the kids to their fate. What next: Raul stays and eats dinner with the couple? That might be too much of a “Monty Python” solution. Besides, shouldn’t Raul also be concerned about Backpack Guy?

    (Say, wouldn’t it be just like a TV drama if Backpack Guy walked in the front door now, yelling out “¡Hola, madre y padre!”).

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