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Working Title

As we blow past the Christmas Holiday and into Boxing Day, Kwanza and whatever else get celebrated this time of year, we find ourselves (still…)  wandering through the miasma that qualifies for a Mark Trail plot line…


I guess O’l Rusty doesn’t know how or when to lock his Smart Phone!  10 demerits!


…and I’m not sure what the hell Juanito is afraid of- two pesky kids, a cell phone that has but one contact in it (‘MOM’) or the shadowy boss man who will no doubt be anxious (at least) that his liar is about to be penetrated…


Sneak in and do what, Rusty?  Exactly what is your plan?  This isn’t The House at Pooh Corner, you know… You can’t just leap out from your hiding place and shout, “A-ha!”  And is that Raul in the background, looking to gain positional advantage?

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