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Like? As if… Totally!

Ok, I admit, I am still trying to figure out who is on which side of the ball here…


Raul’s expressions today, bordering on concern for Rusty and Mara’s welfare, have me confused… since he has been, of late, brandishing throwing knives and six-shooters…  So he calls Jose… what, tomorrow?  Next year?  Will that help answer my questions?  Not likely.

3 thoughts on “Like? As if… Totally!

  1. We know Spidey Raul and Dopey Jose are good guys because we have spent SO much time with them during the last eight months. Although we get to know the bad guys a bit, the good guys drive the narrative in this strip. Remarkably the title character has been largely absent for quite some time. Mark’s agent needs to get better control of the script — he has been written down to just a cameo role.

  2. I think there is something in Trail Family’s contract about having only 1 family member featured as a hero at any given time. This time, it is our dear, clueless Rusty. C’mon Rusty, Make Trail Great Again!

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