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I swear Cherry’s been doing a little day-drinking…

Even from the side, her hooded, sleepy countenance and delusional thinking suggests that she’s had a few!  Ever since that pool scene in Hawaii I’ve had my suspicions!  Or maybe I am just imagining an Umbrella Drink…


Again with the vacation references!  Seriously!  If you don’t work, then what constitutes vacation?  Sleeping somewhere other than home?

Well, good luck Rusty on that Snorkeling thing…  I predict a riptide in your future!

4 thoughts on “I swear Cherry’s been doing a little day-drinking…

  1. So much to break down here!
    1. Cherry seems to look so much older than Mark. Is it just her sleepiness or did Mark get plastic surgery?
    2. Speaking of plastic surgery, will somebody please do something about Rusty’s ears!? Maybe Mark and Cherry can start a Go Fund Me page.
    3. Of course, Mark has zero interest in what Cherry did all day (but see my reply from yesterday).
    4. Hardly a surprise to see Mark acting like he is the center of attention, master of ceremonies, and cruise director. Yes, Mark had enough of hanging out with an old friend while neglecting the kids all day long, but let’s all do what Mark says. And don’t ask questions.
    5. So, only a few vacation days left!? They only got here two or three days ago! It’s not as if Mark has to get back to his office on Monday. And why does Mark think nobody (else) has been enjoying this vacation, anyway?

  2. Mark is gaslighting Cherry, hiding his irresponsible dangerous revenue-free life, and he’s training Rusty to do the same on the rare occasions he releases the boy from the cage beneath the stairs.

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