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Now that’s a lot of white skin!

Careful, you are taking a terrible chance with your alabaster skin tone, Mark and Cherry.  I hope you have loaded up on you SPF-max!


And Cherry, isn’t it your turn to keep track of the boy?  I mean, Mark is all tuckered out from punching bad guys and exacting revenge!

2 thoughts on “Now that’s a lot of white skin!

  1. Are Mark’s eyes looking zombian? Or trumpian? I don’t know that I’ve ever seen closed eyes depicted in quite this manner. It’s weirding me out, frankly. And detracting from any appreciation of the graceful Cherry’s buff beach yoga pose.

    Finally, is Mr. Allen providing a subtle flashback to the African origins of this storyline with the zebra print of Cherry’s bikini? Wheels within wheels, I tell you . . .

  2. Oh for effs sake. Can’t we all just go home to a good old fashioned nature saga instead of some sea turtle drama that’s going to linger on for the next year and a half? I mean, christ. I used to love this comic back in the day – all of 5 years ago.

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