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Called it!

Either I’m too good, or James Allen is too predictable…


Poor Rusty!  He’s thinking (hoping?) that it’s something from Mara (who has clearly moved on from her encounter with the Perpetually Coming of Age Rusty) only to find this cursed thing in his lap…  Soaking the package in water was probably a good idea…  Perhaps it’s time to go old-school on this little doll…  a ritual burn on a large pile of burning logs?  Darth Vader style?

One thought on “Called it!

  1. “Either I’m too good, or James Allen is too predictable…”

    Maybe a bit of both, Dennis! By now, some of Allen’s plotting habits must have gotten into you. Of course, remember that even Dr. Carter never knew where the idol came from: It just showed up one day. Given the lack of any packing materials, I’m curious how the idol made it through the delivery channels of the USPS to the cabin, all in one piece,

    But why would Rusty be afraid of what has to be one cool looking fetish? Heck, maybe it will start talking (as it would if this was a “Twilight Zone” episode). It would be pretty nice to see some actual mystery and horror show up in this retro comic strip.

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