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Get used to it, Doc…

And a quick cut to the front porch…


…finds Cherry and her dad, Ol’ Doc Davis idly shooting the breeze, unfortunately about one of Doc’s contemporaries, Amos, who has kicked the bucket…

So off we go, campers, in no particular direction…  another walk down a very long pier for a very short drink of water…

One thought on “Get used to it, Doc…

  1. Well, here we get into some troubled waters – dailies are not normally colored, but apparently, Dennis, your source provides this version. With that, we move to on:

    1. Did Cherry just up and pop out to the front porch while Mark took the package to Rusty?

    2. Or is this a later point in time?

    The reason for this inquiry: Cherry’s shirt suddenly turned from blue to orange. Again, probably a mistake by the colorist and not chargeable to Mr. Allen. But if proposition #1 above is correct, it at least shows a curious lack of curiosity on Cherry’s part regarding Rusty’s mysterious package. If proposition #2 is correct, there are more unanswered questions.

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