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And now Mark enters?

Leaving Rusty to deal with the deadly little doll all by his self??  Hopefully they have cigars and whiskey about to keep the little guy sated…


And with the point of an unnaturally large finger, Doc declares the mystery that will perhaps carry us through the next story arc.  And Oh Goody?  An opportunity to go caving gain?

One thought on “And now Mark enters?

  1. Oh yeah, Allen can be a master story teller: One moment Mark is apoplectic to see Dr. Carter’s voodoo fetish “guard doll” show up in an unmarked package sent to Rusty; the next moment he is peacefully leaning against the cabin wall, listening to Ol’ Doc’s nonsense.

    So where is Rusty and his fetish? Perhaps the voodoo image forced Mark to leave the room and forget what happened, while it also takes over Rusty’s mind. Action ensues.

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