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Yup, just a head fake, apparently…

So I guess we are full on with Doc’s story now, leaving Rusty to his own devices…  I suspect the package was just a bad joke from Professor Carter…  No doubt we will circle back to doll-sized mischief at some point…  Not to mention leaving Dirty Dyer behind…  James Allen, you really expect a lot from your audience…  keeping so many plots going at once!  But certainly they will intersect at some point…


Such looks of foreboding about something that happened 40 or 50 years ago!  Cherry looks as though she expects a alien to pop out of her father’s furrowed brow or something…

One thought on “Yup, just a head fake, apparently…

  1. Native Americans and lost gold mines?! What is this, the 1880s? And Doc relates that Amos appeared on the dude ranch with a map some 50 years ago, making this story line take place around 1960 or so.

    And what is this “proof” Doc spoke of: If they can find it, it must exist? That’s proof? Or is it the map? Last I recall, the tribes back then (assuming 19th century and earlier) did not make maps, nor invest much effort in writing). So who made the map?

    Well, I presume Doc is referring to the “hidden cache” of gold the Native Americans extracted from the hidden mine (and must have had to leave behind trying to avoid General Crook’s cavalry). But the map is to the mine, not the cache.

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