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Buzz Killington…

Well, campers, with Skull Mountain checked off, and Doc’s sanity and memory validated, we are on our way again!


It’s difficult to know who is doing the talking in the long shots, but based on the last few days I’d have to say it’s Mark in the bubble above…


With JJ’s frown turned upside-down, I guess Mark feels like it’s his job to urge caution and set expectations…


…and it would seem that Leola is getting in on the discussion, trying to overcome Mark’s negativity…


Mark, really? Who asked you?  You spend the days scowling and not saying a word, only to fall flat and put the crew on the right path… Now you are a regular Doubting Thomas… I guess you’ve never seen The Great Pumpkin either, have you!?

One thought on “Buzz Killington…

  1. Funny, I don’t recall Doc mentioning skull mountain when he first related the story to Mark. I’m still somewhat puzzled at how easily “JJ” was able to worm his way into the group and into a share of the gold. Can Mark be that gullible, or is he hiding his true thoughts?

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