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What are you burning?

Cactus?  Sagebrush?  A Tumbling Tumbleweed??


Yup… that ol’ excitement… the same way I feel every morning when I get to read and comment on yet another ripping installment of the Trail-verse…  Where we learn more here by accident than elsewhere by design.

I will say it again…  those are some big-ass tents given their relatively small packs with unpadded straps…  No clothes but what they have on, I am guessing, and what they are doing for cooking and food one can only guess.


3 thoughts on “What are you burning?

  1. I am glad that James Allen updated his tents from the Korean War half-shelters that require stakes and rope. Of course they would not survive the rampaging rhino that destroyed the last Trailverse campsite.

  2. What I really love in Mark Trail is the often-unsolicited gratuitous social commentary and history lessons tossed out to people who should already know this stuff. As this bilge is being patronizingly offered by the youngest member of the group, I suppose she is one of those people who, when they learn something new, think they just discovered a lost truth nobody else knows about and feels the need to enlighten the ignorant masses.

    Or she just likes to hear herself talk. Go, Garage Logic!!!

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