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Fight! Fight!!

Hopelessness has no place in the Trailverse!


And taking stock of the situation… the fact that Mark doesn’t grow facial hair.  Am I the only one that wonders about that?  And the fact that he’s been wearing that same damn pink shirt for over a year now?  Even the cactus behind JJ is expressing itself…

2 thoughts on “Fight! Fight!!

  1. Meanwhile, Allen continues to fill the strip with patronizing pablum: “Some mines never produce any gold at all.” Really?! You mean everybody didn’t become rich? (Say, didn’t JJ and Leola ALREADY COVER THIS?)

    Well, to be “totally transparent”, I was almost ready to ditch the wife and home, buy a burro, and make my fortune in the Sonora Desert. Whew! Good thing I’m closely following this strip. Allen saved me from near-certain disappointment and embarrassment.

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