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Oh my… tensions are running high in the Desert Southwest…


Perhaps it’s because Doc was the only smart one to bring and wear a hat… keeping the sun’s rays off’n his bald pate…

I don’t know how much more of this riveting tête-à-tête I can take…

One thought on “Bam!

  1. Perhaps somebody can help me understand the Queen’s English here, but why is JJ dissing Mark about finding gold? 1. Mark urges caution throughout this story arc about getting “gold fever”
    2. He even mentions that it might be hopeless.
    3. Then JJ chides Mark, telling him it might not be hopeless.
    4. Then JJ chides Mark again for urging caution about finding gold!

    But has Mark ever shown much true optimism or excitement in this hunt? I don’t understand JJ’s apparent immediate contradiction. Maybe the heat is getting to him.

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