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Olly Olly Oxen Free

JJ is showing his true colors now… “Yea, see… “I’m separated from the party… yea… I have the map… yea, that’s the ticket…  I’ll get ALL the gold…”


So as the Bobcat stalks the Woodpecker, our silhouetted friends, now magically dried and coiffed,  stumble and stammer their way along, assuming that JJ actually wants to be found…

2 thoughts on “Olly Olly Oxen Free

  1. What the hell kind of language is coming out of Leola’s mouth: Nine people PASSED AWAY in a flash flood? Oh, did they succumb to Cancer or expire from old age while being swept away in the rushing waters? Maybe Leola is just afraid of offending Doc and being indecorous by using the correct word “die”.

    As for the treasure map, this entire trip has been mishandled from the get-go, including:
    a. Loose-Lips Leola extemporaneously revealing their gold map to a complete stranger (JJ);
    b. Not being overly concerned that the sole proprietor of a store would simply close shop and join the expedition without any verification, background check, or other precautions;
    c. Allow JJ to hold the only map;
    d. Allow JJ to more or less take over the expedition;
    e. Allow JJ to cut himself in for an equal portion of the hoped-for gold, or at least, challenge JJ’s claim to the gold in the first place.

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