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Da da da daaaaaaa…….

Can’t you just hear the music?


Mark knew this to be true all the time… the crooked nose, the facial hair… JJ wasn’t to be trusted!!  And well, campers, here we are.

And who is missing from the first panel?  Is Mark separating himself from Ms. Travelogue?  As she spouts non-sequitur factoids about death and flash floods?  Sort of reminds me of the scene in Rain Man where Raymond is reeling off statistics about plane crashes and resulting fatalities…

2 thoughts on “Da da da daaaaaaa…….

  1. Barney Google and Snuffy Smith was launched on June 17, 1919. Another cleverly woven inside line that adds nothing to a mind numbing, dull, ridiculous tale.
    And who is Mrs.Trail doing while our hero is away? Anyone in pants likely.

  2. Well, Doc seems to be the missing person – note the lack of a hat in either figure.

    Speaking of Doc, he and his friends back in the old days couldn’t find the mine when they HAD the map. The chances of finding the mine now – without the map – seem about as likely as Rusty getting laid.

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