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Oh, Boo hoo!



Well, I guess remorse comes in its many forms…  and unless JJ is an accomplished method actor, then I suppose we should take him at his word…

If this story is wrapping up, then I guess we should all be grateful!  This one didn’t feel as drawn out as some others…  Now we need to snap our fingers and have the Lost-Forestians say farewell and goodbye to Leola and JJ, both of whom we will likely never see again.  Heck, Leola didn’t even have a chance to fall for Mark and Mark didn’t have to expound on the fact that he’s a “Happily Married Man…”  Small wonders, I guess…


2 thoughts on “Oh, Boo hoo!

  1. What’s with the blue leeches on JJ’s face? Perhaps prison guards will remove them if Mark has the guts to turn the blubbering con man in.

  2. I agree, Dennis! If Allen follows form, there will be no “farewells”. This strip will simply jump from the cave to Mark’s front porch where he will be shown (once again) commenting on his latest adventure with Cherry, perhaps with a glum-faced Doc standing beside them.

    If this was truly a soap-opera, Cherry would interrupt Mark’s soliloquy with the news that Rusty fell into a coma shortly after removing the bad mojo fetish doll from the box and is now in the hospital. Or something like that. We’d be off on another adventure in the Trailverse!

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