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Of course Mark couldn’t just let this one go…

Yup, we all know…


You don’t mess with old Rex


…and there is always “the telling” after a trip away from the homestead.


But I wonder if there has been time for laundry?  Or a change of clothing?  Or does Mark have 12 pink chamois cloth shirts in his closet?  Someday, just some day, I would appreciate seeing Mark in a different color combo… And Cherry, oh Cherry…  that profile you are striking reminds me of those oh so classy (classic?) mud-flaps one sees on a semi-truck, or a duely pickup with a scrotal sack hanging from the trailer hitch

One thought on “Of course Mark couldn’t just let this one go…

  1. Trail’s usual adventure epilogue where the details get glossed over.

    Ah, what’s this? Cherry leaving backwards and stressing the front of her shirt (demurely hidden, as this is a family strip), as if to say “Don’t be in any hurry to get involved in more action in some far away place, Mark. You can get plenty of action and adventure right here.” But will he read the signs? Will he listen?

    Well, that’s the trap you’ve made yourself by starring in an “adventure” comic strip, Mark. You simply HAVE TO KEEP TRAVELING in order to get mixed up in other people’s business. Otherwise, this strip would turn into a “Mark and Cherry” story, focusing on their relationship, raising a hopelessly naive kid, and dealing with a septuagenarian father who just hangs around all the time, making it difficult for Mark and Cherry to have their own adventures.

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