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Yeah…. Let’s take a walk

As Mark continues to search his true feelings about JJ (Really?  We need to let this go…) Cherry is (once again) showing her patience and stamina with what must be a very challenging marriage…


What’s with Andy?  Doesn’t he want to go for walkies too?  “No,” says the Big Dog…  “The porch is just fine…”

Cherry, “Doc” is “Dad” to you… or have you forgotten?


One thought on “Yeah…. Let’s take a walk

  1. Well, this leads to an interesting question: Exactly how long was Mark away THIS time? It seems that, not only did the group return from the desert and turn JJ in to the Police, but Mark was around long enough for JJ to be arraigned, tried, and sentenced.

    Now, in a small community (they might have had to go to Bisby, AZ—the county seat—for the trial), JJ could have been arrested, arraigned, tried and sentenced within a few weeks.

    But I’m curious what happened to Blabbermouth Leola, who put everybody in peril in the first place. Did Mark give her The Talk? Did he put her over his knees and administer corporal punishment? Of course, one might think that things could get out of hand with the latter procedure, but Leola showed virtually NO interest in Mark.

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