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I’m sorry… Who is the expert here?

As Mark holds forth using his vast knowledge of hybrid species, Dr. Camel sits gobsmacked at the thought of Genie climbing into her sleeping bag…  err… sack.


What have we learned so far?  That Nepal is largely temperate until one gets to elevation,  Sherpas are still available for hire, the flora and fauna are almost jungle-like, One-horned Rhinos are easily perturbed, Cattle mate with Yak, Mark has but one outfit that he wears every day, and that Dr. Camel is a fraud.  Can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring!


One thought on “I’m sorry… Who is the expert here?

  1. Ah, yes, our cute Genie: symbolically standing behind a smoldering fire, untouched by any flames of desire; standing in a pose that is both coy and chaste, given her tighter-than-seems-necessary pants and her knees-glued-together stance.

    We can be assured that Mark is completely oblivious, while the Good Doctor is probably wondering why, after ten years, Genie and he still have separate tents. Getting continuously upstaged and out-hunked by Mark is probably going to bring matters to a boil pretty soon.

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