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Is it the Great Pumpkin, Mark Trail?

Why, for the love of all that is Trail, do women launch themselves at Mark and first sign of danger?  Such an old and tired trope…  But there’s Genie, at best an acquaintance, seeking Refuge in Mark’s Pink Chamois Cloth…


Rustle, rustle…  It’s… it’s… The Great Pumpkin rising through the Pumpkin Patch?  Monty Python’s Flying Circus?  Nope.  Just an old bovine wandering around at night…


One thought on “Is it the Great Pumpkin, Mark Trail?

  1. 1. Ten years with “the good doctor”, but our stock “accessoire féminin” ignores him in a crisis. So, why does she stick up for him if she doesn’t trust him in a pinch?
    2. Mark must be the only calm, collected person in the camp, or believes he is. By his pose in panel two, Manly Mark is ready to launch himself at whatever comes out of the darkness. Cue the heroic trumpet music!
    3. The apparent confusion in camp does not say much for these sherpas! Shouldn’t they know what a Dzo sounds like?
    4. Perhaps tomorrow’s strip will show the sherpas and Dr. Camel preparing to laugh at the practical joke they set up to scare Mark, only to be underwhelmed by Trail’s response.

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