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Good Lord, Really?

Anything for a little manufactured suspense! And by the time Mark could get the warning out of his mouth, Genie would be (literally) eaten… or at least taken under with a dramatic body roll…

But this is the Trailverse, where laws of time and space sometimes take a back seat to expedience…

This appears to be the (aptly named) Mugger Crocodile...


2 thoughts on “Good Lord, Really?

  1. The gal (what’s her name?), would have a better chance surviving an alligator attack than she would drinking the water he is lurking in.

  2. Mr. Obvious (Look at that crock right in front of you!) just can’t get beyond the notion that his role is to always be the one to save beautiful (or even relatively cute) women in a crisis (and they always wind up in a crisis and have to be saved).

    Trail seems to spend an inordinate amount of time playing up to women on his adventure junkets, but ultimately rebuffs them in no uncertain terms when they eventually succumb to his masculinity.

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