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Faintly reminiscent of…

As Mark Springs into action, complete with a full load weighing him down…

…all he can bring to this party is his oversized walking stick… Whack Ka-Whack? Who the hell are we channeling? Fozzie Bear??

Unlike the African adventure when we met “Dirty” Dyer, and Mark saved the porter using a flaming branch… Who knew that Hippos respond to English commands? I guess if it works for T-Rex, then it would work for a Hippo…

But seriously folks, check out the artwork from 2016 compared to now. There is no comparison. It’s like we have been saying… James Allen has grown tired and is mailing it in…

One thought on “Faintly reminiscent of…

  1. Hang on?! Shouldn’t he be yelling “Get back here!” or “Run for it!” Hang on means to more or less stick where you are and wait for (me). Hardly the kind of advice a person who is about to be eaten by a giant croc needs to receive.

    Mark in panel two reminds me of the kinds of action poses you could see in Charlton Comic Books from the 1960s.

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