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Existential Crisis

OK, two things… Mark Trail of old would have verbalized his internal monologue… not have us reading his thoughts…

And… a Lawyer? Really? That would mean you would have to actually work, Mark. I could see you as an employee of the Forest Service, as you are used to being taken care of… Government work would be more to your liking…

Nice Shooting Star in Panel 2!


3 thoughts on “Existential Crisis

  1. That’s no shooting star. That’s the Yeti returning from his home on the planet Mongo! You see, the reason nobody can find the Yeti, is because the Yeti just vacations here once or twice every ten years or so. Happens to like mountains and cold weather. And his ship looks something like a mountain cap, which helps keep it hidden.

    Thank you.

  2. George, have you been hitting the eggnog early? Or perhaps the raksi, given the Nepalese setting of our story?

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