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Yea… What SHE said…

Nerves on the Trail are wearing thin… HA HAW… See what I did there?? Nerves on the TRAIL? That’s a joke, son… But with Mark looking sheepish, Harvey only looks peeved… And why do we need to see Mark’s left hand and forearm in panel one? Was anyone afraid that maybe his extremities are gone?

Like Linus in the Pumpkin patch, or Ralphie on Christmas Eve… You just gots to BELIEVE! All while live streaming…

A shed? Mark, your White Western Sensibilities are showing… I’m guessing that this was A HOUSE- who has the wherewithal or the resources to build a SHED in these parts? And what would they put in it, anyway?

But what’s behind door #3, Johnny? Why, it’s not that random dude dressed like grandma sitting in an oversized rocking chair … (according to Mark) it’s a Himalayan Red Bear! Which appears to be about 20 feet tall! And Pissed off! Good lord. Despite the suddenness and force of the appearance of the Bear, decimating what is left of the “shed,” Mark is able to make a full ID, and Sherpa #2 is able to calmly declare what he has on his person that might be of use in this situation…


4 thoughts on “Yea… What SHE said…

  1. GRAUGH! I continue to be impressed by Mr. Allen’s onomatopoetic skills.

    But I do think Mark’s “Look Out!” is a bit late for Genie (whose foot looks caught in a bear trap), Sherpa #2 (whose pelvis and/or femur no doubt are splintered), or the good doctor (whose spine and internal organs must be crushed).

    And why in the world would a bear choose to smash through a wooden door rather than step around it? Come to think of it, how did the wooden door remain standing whilst the brickwork about it disintegrated? More questions arise in the Trailverse . . .

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