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Concerning frequency and pacing…

My most devoted reader asked why I don’t post every day anymore. It’s quite simple- I have had to adapt my approach to the much slower pacing and “plot” development under the James Allen Regime… there simply isn’t as much to say regarding these story lines and the “speed” with which they unfold. Of course it could be that after what? 6 or 7 years? this has become more of a chore? Lots of long hikes for very short drinks of water…

Like this week’s revelation:

That the young Dr. Camel to be and his father (sort of like Harrison Ford and Sean Connery?) were terrorized by “The” Yeti (again singular or plural?) whilst hiking in the greater Nepal region…

…only to reveal, in a very Captain Ahab sort of way, why Harvey is so, well, consumed by this quest… It does explain the gimp, though… and what a clueless soul Mark remains, to this day…

Sorry Harvey. This proves nothing. It’s all hearsay. Even Genie looks surprised by the story, this would-be confession… I mean, would Dr. Camel be taking more or less shit if he had made this known a long time ago rather than keeping it buried for decades?

And good lord, why all the blue? And again, how big is this Hiking Shelter? And why is Genie suddenly play House Mother? Traditional roles die hard in the Trailverse.


3 thoughts on “Concerning frequency and pacing…

    • no worries. It was just pointed out to me that I missed a crucial installment, which I rectified just now. There is no need for me to be short. There is too much of that in the world these days. My apologies.

  1. Moving on…
    I notice that Camel’s dad looks very “cartoony”, not in the veristic style of the rest of the strip. I’m thinking one of Allen’s assistants got to take a hand in his drawing/inking, but in a reverse result compared with da Vinci’s contribution to Verrochio’s painting of The Baptism of Christ. Sorry, my academic geekness is slipping through.

    However, what’s with the sad-faced Mark, mumbling his abject apologies for riding Camel’s obsession? Doesn’t seem in character.

    Not only is the cabin apparently larger on the inside than the outside (can you say “Dr. Who”?), but the logs, themselves, are monstrously large! Check out the third panel in the last strip. They look like something only a Yeti could carry! Hmmm, I wonder….

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